Well, I have the last 5 songs for the disc written, and ready to be tracked.  Been working on the album art, and will probably soon load up the cover art for Hole in the Sky as the website background.  Yes, it's also purple...

Would like to say "thanks" to the colleges still playing songs from the debut Say...."Hello" album.  Much appreciated, and btw I'm jealous I'm not in college.  That's another story entirely.

Hope everyone is enjoying Government Shutdown as much as I am.  This is just great.  Really.... not so much.  It is no wonder so many parts of the world look at this country in a light less brilliant than we would wish, and don't aspire to be like us.  That hurts to say but it is the truth.






While Congress decides whether or not to do any work, I have been doing some work.  I've posted 8 early mixes for songs from the upcoming release Hole in the Sky so please check them out.  All songs are available for free mp3 download and streaming right now, and probably will be for a while.  I'm shooting for a release between Thanksgiving and Christmas if I can come up with the fund$$.  My goal is to have this project mastered at Sterling Sound in NYC (Ryan Adams, Metric, Marilyn Manson, et al..).  If the $$ isn't there I'll master myself again.

Please contact me with any comments about the songs, or anything else for that matter.






Hey hey, I'm back.  I've been busy and am halfway through tracking the new youbigme disc which is tentatively titled "Hole in the Sky."  You can check out early releases on my www.reverbnation.com/youbigme page; I will also get them posted here soon enough on the home-site.

Am on the verge of announcing some solo acoustic dates (I know, this isn't really all acoustic music...), so I'm excited to get back out in front of some people to perform.  Dates to follow and they will be posted here on my calendar.  Please come out to listen!




Of papercuts, college, and Nicki Minaj..


This was my 1st weekend for radio press mailings...where was everyone to stuff envelopes?? Just kidding, I ran out anyway. I guess my math is not so good after all. I wonder if this relates directly in any way to my success in college... all 3 times,...

So, I'm getting ready to swamp the mail boxes of college radio. If anyone happens to know anyone, anywhere, at any station (college or commercial) that may be able to help get youbigme a fair shake for airplay, Please contact me. Message me through Fbook, Reverbnation, or directly through contact@youbigme.com. I'd really appreciate it, and any


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